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Why Children Get Stressed? Know And Manage

April 10, 2008 03:37:39 PM

Children, like other members are essential parts of a family and hence they have the equal rights. But being most sensitive age group they need more care and understanding. Getting stressed is a common phenomenon with which almost every normal person undergoes, but this probability gets doubled in case of children. Good parenting requires not only providing the best physical comfort to the child but also the psychological. And hence being a super parent it’s crucial to identify the reasons behind child’s stress and to deal with them accordingly.

Put your thinking cap on and have a careful look at child’s surroundings whether he has a supportive environment or not. If you yourself are annoyed or stressed at something, do not let the child ride for a fall. Including your own behavior some other factors that can make your child stressed may be:

  • Violence (At home or child watches movie etc)
  • Trauma (death of a loved one)
  • Natural Disaster
  • Sexual or Emotional Abuse
  • Alcoholism or Drug Use by a member of the household
  • Behavior of Elder Siblings
  • Siblings’ Rivalry
  • Fear
  • Academic Pressure
  • Being Bullied at School
  • Intensive remarks from friends, teachers or any other person
  • Conflict with anyone
  • Constant Criticism

All the above-mentioned facts are though a part of normal routine, but can create severe problems if there’s a communication gap between you and your child. This is what a child undergoes for a certain time and results as a perception of ‘unwanted’ or ‘unloved’ child in his mind and sometimes makes him chicken-hearted as well. Know the reason for which your child is stressed, communicate and bring back his confidence ensuring a stress free and encouraging and friendly environment.