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DirBuzz Directory OverviewDirBuzz is an emerging web resources directory featuring a wide variety of high-quality websites pulled and approved based on stringent criteria designed to bring our users only the finest results and listings available. With unceasing dedication to the quality and variety of our listings, we maintain a solid commitment to our users. We continuously work to establish the directory as an entity guaranteed to bring website owners and patrons together in order to provide high-quality websites to the most discerning visitors.

We maintain our superior quality and integrity by requiring submitted websites to meet or exceed exacting criteria as well as undergo a rigorous evaluation by DirBuzz staff. New websites are approved and added by our editors on a daily basis. To build this superior level of directory all listed websites must be carefully designed and developed.

To ensure continued superiority in our listings, newly submitted websites must contain original content, user-friendly navigation, all links and pictures must be in working order, and the site must be up to the standard of ethics commonly accepted on the modern internet. In addition, the website owner must be dedicated to the marketing and ongoing maintenance of the site by paying for prime space among our expansive categories.

This stringent selection and evaluation policy effectively eliminates spam, incomplete websites and websites created without valuable material or resources from the contents of the directory.  Our standards at DirBuzz are unrelenting, and this commitment to quality will allow us to continue to develop as a reliable and essential resource for all website owners.

Guidelines for Submissions

Our submission guidelines are mandatory and nonnegotiable. Qualified members of our staff will review each submission to ensure it meets our criteria and is a valuable addition to the directory overall. To avoid any inconvenience, follow the submission guidelines before submitting your site.

Contact Information

We are a growing and changing entity. As such, the directory management is always open and ready to respond to feedback from users. We encourage communication between all parties and welcome questions and comments. If you have any suggestions or any sort of enquiry, write to us and we'll duly consider your views.

Advertising with DirBuzz

The high quality of our listings and traffic make DirBuzz an ideal location for your advertisement or a listing of your own. Please contact us to discuss our available advertising opportunities.

Privacy Policy

We believe that protecting personal information is an integral part of our high level of ethical operations and quality. No personal information including names, URLs, or email addresses is shared with other parties and information of this kind is used by us only to maintain current records. We work to keep you informed of relevant happenings and as such you may receive occasional email messages with information about your listings, updates or a request by us for information.

Terms & Conditions

All websites submitted to DirBuzz must be reviewed and approved by qualified staff members prior to listing. By submitting a website with us, the website owner implicitly agrees to the terms and conditions set forth by our directory and further certifies that the submitted website meets our criteria.