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Internet Marketing Secrets For Your Business

February 25, 2008 08:59:14 PM

You’ve got an Internet business and you’re ready to be successful. Here are some Internet marketing secrets to help get your site noticed and sell your product.

  • Use proper keywords. When listing your site with web crawlers be sure to use the best keywords for your product or service. If you are unsure about how to set up keywords you may want to hire an experienced Internet marketing company to help you. Keywords are the ways your site will be listed in search engines so don’t skip this important step.
  • Design a professional looking web site. People are more apt to buy from companies that look the most professional. If your website is sloppy or doesn’t function well it’s doomed. Hire a professional web designer to ensure that the website looks good. Keep the pages and navigation simple and don’t use too many graphics, which can be too slow for some connections.
  • Always place purchase or buy now buttons on the pages of your web site so they are easily accessed. It’s amazing how often you will come across a web site that makes you hunt for buying information. With so much Internet competition just a click away always ensures that the customer can make a purchase if they want to.
  • Include easy access to company information on your web site.Even if your business doesn’t have a physical location you should have a toll free number where customers can easily reach you. Post this number on your web site.
  • Use competitive pricing. Remember to continuously monitor the competition to be sure that your pricing is not too high (or too low).
  • Give buyers a special incentive by adding a bonus product onto the deal for free. This gives the customer more reason to buy from you and gives them an additional product.
  • Use give-aways to get your name out there. For example you could offer a free pen or mouse pad (or any other item) to each person who signs up on your site. Of course the item will be personalized with your company logo and information.
  • Use pay per click (PPC) or sponsored advertising to gain more exposure. This type of marketing strategy is often very successful and won’t drain your advertising budget.
  • Use articles to get your company name recognized. Articles are a great way to use free marketing. List articles that are related to your business on article submission sites. You can include your web address at the end of the article so people who read the article can find your site.
  • Offer free articles or ebooks on your site for your customers. Change your content often so that people will want to come back to get more information.
  • Subscribe to a newsletter. New tips and tricks are constantly being found to make Internet marketing successful. Get the latest tips and trends sent right to your inbox.
  • Use lists to set up specialized marketing emails. Collect information from users who visit your site. These visitors have already shown an interest in your product or service so it may pay to send them additional marketing bulletins.

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