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ReferenceOnline libraries, Expert Advices, Encyclopedias of science, arts and business featuring online and offline services providing references and resources to masses are to be listed within this category. The category is reserved for knowledge management for education, business, society and technology and world records, but the exposure of the website mainly depends on its visibility in the right category, which can be met by following submission guidelines.

Submission Tips

  • Add sites with exact details and precise explanation.
  • Use keywords oriented approach fro writing description of your site.

Reference Overview

Knowing anything and inception of any idea in human mind is only possible if the mind previously has some information about that entity. So from the idea generating process to the re arrangement of all the facts and figures and researches everywhere references are needed in one way or other using offline media or search engines.

References, either in the form of a web copy or manual records retain an important place in all sorts of day to day activities from the making of business proposals to research on science and arts and societies and cultures. Bibliographic requirements of different researches ensure the qualitative aspect of the work and hence make difference each time research is done.

If you’ve to promote a website or offline resource, use the regular and featured listing each for specific results.

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