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The Best Plastic Surgery Techniques of Today

June 17, 2009 06:17:18 PM

Plastic Surgery TechniquesPlastic surgery today means much more than the ordinary nose job or face lift. Today, plastic surgeons can rebuild an injured hand or a breast, remove folds of fat or suction out fat deposits in a vacuum-like procedure. The field of plastic surgery has changed greatly in the past 10-20 years, and is applied in both serious injury and major operations.

Not always clothed in secrecy, some people talk willingly about their experiences with plastic surgery and freely discuss their subsequent recovery. People don't know enough about it and they think it's going to be a terrible ordeal.

For example, breasts can be rebuilt through several processes. According to Contour, a breast post op firm, there have been advances in the last two or three years which really allow us to see that the breast now look like a breast rather than a simple mounding.

Besides a silicone implant that enlarges the breast, breasts can be enlarged through a cluster of tissue drawn from the abdomen or with an inflatable balloon valve. In each case, the size of the breast can be controlled, and the nipple can also be reconstructed.

The simplest breast reconstructing operation is removing skin from the abdomen in a day-long operation and placing under the breast skin to create a new breast. Silicone implants require the patient to return once as the growth of the breast is regulated. Plastic material isn't actually used in the process.

Another medical advance in plastic surgery is the restoration of severed nerves, a microsurgery performed by a team of doctors in large medical centers. Still, though operations are frequently performed in small clinics on hand surgeries, for instance, many are referred to larger centers equipped to handle emergencies.

Small vessel repair is another common plastic surgical technique, a technique that's come a long way since first developed. Surgeons now boast of a 90 to 95 percent success rate, where once they expected a much lower success rate. Plastic surgery can still be used to boost one's physical self image, but not necessarily through a facelift.

Deposits of fat that won't disappear with diet or exercise can be removed through a vacuum-like procedure that suctions out bits of the deposits.

Local anesthetics can be administered during the operation rather than general anesthetics Some pain may be felt after the operation in areas where skin incisions are made. Almost all areas of the body can be and are have been suctioned. Bits of fat have been vacuumed from cheeks, necks on down to the ankles.