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How to Play to WIN?

June 20, 2009 12:59:28 PM

To win this battle against the fearsome beast called Internet Marketing we need to handle our inner person first. It’s about the ability to fully control your own mind, your own body and spirit with logical thoughts instead of being conquered by our selfish desires.

This is an epic battle of Logic vs. Desire. For a normal person, desire almost always wins by default. Don’t understand what I mean? Remember the time when you were suppose to do some chores but your desire tells you to leave that for later and lay on your couch to watch TV first?

That’s desire taking over your body. And remember that time when you were supposed to sit down by your computer to create a mini site that you have just learned but your body just won’t budge from the bed? That’s desire eating up your soul.

To control and become the master of your own body you must first condition your mind, your attitude and your character. Now this is easy stuff for a true entrepreneur ... because they are born that way.

Unfortunately most of us are not born champions. But God has his way of giving us strength. And our greatest strength is the ability to change. However change is never easy. In fact most of us are terrified by change. Changing old habits is very hard if you don’t know how. To motivate change you can adopt what I call the ‘Reward’ System.

Set yourself a goal. Example: Sit by your computer and act on what you’ve learnt in the past for at least 3 or more hours each day. And by the end of each day reward yourself with a treat like going out for a nice dinner or just do something which you enjoy.

Of course… this method is a little SOFT… and rarely works on lazy people like myself. That is when my ‘Punishment’ System also comes into play.

Set yourself a goal. Sit by your computer and act on what you’ve learnt in the past for at least 3 hours each day. And by the end of each day if you FAIL to reach your goal… punish yourself.

Here’s what I usually do to ‘punish’ myself. You see I have two bank accounts. One is my personal account and another is what I call the reinvestment account.

The reinvestment account is where I keep all the extra money to reinvest into my business…which means I can’t simply use the money from this account. So what I will do is, if I FAIL to achieve my goal for the day I need to take $20 from my personal account and deposit it into the reinvestment account.

To make it more effective, I gradually increase the amount of penalty by $10 with each day that I FAIL to achieve my goal. In other words I punish myself. And I hate the fact that I have to LOSE money and guess what? It works…even for a lazy person like me!

Why does this push me to act? It’s the P.R.E.S.S.U.R.E. Not only does it give me pressure, it helps me change my lazy ways and makes me work harder.

This leads me to another point—Creativity. Yes, if you are a sharp and smart person use your creativity to help eliminate your weaknesses.

If you know that asking yourself to act won’t work, think of ways to make yourself work. Michael Cheney (an internet marketing guru) has a method that is very impressive and which I believe comes from his creativity. He said this… every time you feel down or low, lazy to work and all you feel is to just sit down and watch TV or do nothing, go to a mirror and say this to the image in the mirror.

I love television so much. I can’t live without you, TV. The TV owns me. I am a slave to you, my precious Television. Watching TV is more important than my future…” (There… you have to say it seriously and make it sound exaggerated…)

This method is so ridiculous and funny that it actually works because if you do watch television after that… you will feel absolutely silly. I tried and it worked like magic! I could control my own body … and Logic finally won over desire.

The most important thing here is this. Don’t limit yourself…use your creativity to push yourself to act.

  • Apply some pressure here and there.
  • Think of ways to make yourself act.
  • Read your goals daily.
  • Create a to-do list each day.
  • Slowly re-shape your character and change your attitude so that you will move in the right direction of success.

Anthony Robbins teaches his students to model after successful people, which means, you need to …

  • Walk like how they walk,
  • Talk like how they talk,
  • Eat like how they eat… and soon you’ll find yourself ‘ACT’ like how they act in their business…

Again, modeling someone who is already successful is but another method you can use to propel yourself to success. Use your creativity and you will soon see yourself full of wacky BUT effective methods that help you take action. With all that said, you must WANT to achieve your goals; desperately enough to be motivated to act.

If you want a Ferrari … ask yourself how badly do you want it? If you don’t want it BAD enough… you’ll never act. If you can tell yourself confidently that YES, I want it REAL bad, you’ll see yourself very soon changing the way you think, and the way you handle yourself daily.

Only when you want it bad enough will you be able to commit yourself to Internet Marketing. Want to know what I did? Before I got serious with Internet Marketing, I was just doing it part time like most of you… I found very little success because I was not doing much productive work at all to earn any money.

All this changed after I went to a local seminar. I got so motivated after the seminar I went home and I QUIT my engineering job. This actually gave me a ton of pressure to succeed. I just risk it all for Internet Marketing and I had not earned a red cent at that time. It’s not easy shifting and changing my mentality from an office worker to an entrepreneur… You see, when you are working from home, you don’t have a boss to yell at you, and you don’t have a senior person to motivate you.

You run the show yourself. You ARE the boss! So the thing is… I had to constantly motivate myself and keep believing in my own ability to make money online. Soon after that I made my first dollar online… and the ball just kept rolling on from there. I owe it all to my Mentality, my Attitude, my Character, and of course my Creativity.

Change the way you think, and the world will change with you.